Every morning I fell asleep to the smell of him
As stars smiled from above
But no stars had the nerve to neither shine nor watch me cry tonight 
He was always here mid-scream
But these nights only darkness settles my heart to sleep 
That and silence
With my infant brother buried deep 
No thirsty smile to kill the loneliness away
Nor father's gentleness
Just heads on the spears 
Eyes swimming in tears
While the air inherits his scent 
As it smothers me to sleep 

Every night my tears raced down
Gliding past lips that once slept under the candles of his eyes 
Dripping unto my fingers, the ones he once kissed 
The walls, my only friends
As they echo my screams back to me
Until that moment came
Men drew near with an object held up to me
I sat upon my cold feet to see what they had brought for me
I want no gifts or food to settle this empty void
I just want my whispered memories 
To come to life once more

I stared into his saddened pupils
Back and forth, wishing I could disappear
Altogether in his blood drenched eyes
Until the morning prayer
I can hear his eyes singing
"Ruqaya  I know how much you miss me,
I can feel the shivers of your tiny heart
But I am only a dream away
So dream your way back into my arms"
The garment of my soul wrapped around his head
I cried into his wounds and breathed him in
Until death released me from this embrace 
As I dreamt my tiny soul away

Taher Adel

Short character biography:

Imam Hussain (asws) was often heard saying, "A house without Sakina (asws) would not be worth living in".

Ruqayyah(Sakina) – was the daughter of Imam Hussan(as). She was said to be roughly 4 years of age at the time of her martydom. The name Sakina refers to ‘Calmness’ or ‘Peace of Mind’. She died in Damascus  only a few weeks after the battle of Karbala. When Rubab(The mother of Ruqaya) was released from the prison, she came to the grave of her beloved daughter, placing her cheek on the grave and cried out, Speak to me “Sakina. Only a word, my child, speak to me." 

Against the ever rising sun
An umbrella to the bodies of those already departed
My arrival was like a flourishing fantasy to his heart
My glistening pupils, the same adorned by the Messenger of God.
If Abbas was the shadow of Ali in battle
Then I Ali Al-Akbar was the reflection of Mohammed, wholly.
From the vibrations of his voice to the tip of his feather shaped brow
I was an image created to break the already broken heart of my father

Soon time struck and death waited silently
I approached him like a fragile wound waiting to be broken again
My head bowed and my eyes faltering
Between the white of his beard and the slain behind him
Bestrewn on the ground like the leaves in the wind
Like the prey of the vultures
"Father I request for permission to go and fight the enemies of Islam"
He stood silent as if words had collapsed against his own breath
His pleading eyes burnt the pits of my already repentant heart
Seeking forgiveness

I suddenly grew into his eyes and he stared at me differently
As if picturing the messenger of God through my image
I felt his pounding pulse against mine
Our hearts singing their last farewells
Like the moment his grandfather held him at birth
Knowing something beautiful
Will be torn by the evil of the world
Like his grandfather he too
Was weak in the presence of endless beauty
Silence rained between us and my father walked me to my end
The moments yawned and withered in his presence
Swords clashed and spears plunged in
But I was yet to give in until I saw his face once more

“Father the thirst has perished me”
This reality carved his heart even more
As he promised me water at the end of the swords
I battled to the strength of a hundred men
And ended my life with a cry as thunderous as they come
‘Abataaa ithrikni’ I cried
And waited like an infant for his father
He dragged what remained of me
And placed my head over his lap once again
Weariness wavered through
Visions once clear now blurred
My gushing blood now in sync with his tears
I saw him fading away
Replaced by the image of my grandfather
As he quenched my thirst

Taher Adel

Short character biography:

"Father, we have said good-bye. Why are you walking behind me." Hussain (as) replied, "My son, had you been a father of a son like you, you would surely have understood!!"  

Ali Akbar – was the son of Imam Hussan(as). He was said to be around 25 years of age during the battle of Karbala. He so much resembled the Holy Prophet(Saw) that Imam Hussain(as) was often heard saying that whenever I would want to remember the Holy Prophet(saw) I would look at Akbar. This poem hopes to reflect this undying love that Imam Hussain(as) had for his brave son.